Social Responsibility

We build long term relations of trust with our clients based on shared values and principles professional ethics.

We strongly believe that a judicial protection of rights and lawful interests may be efficient only within a framework of fair adversarial proceedings. Therefore, it is our firm opinion that any form of out-of-court interaction with the judiciary, governmental or local authorities, public officials or our clients’ opponents is unacceptable and must not be allowed. We hereby declare of our intolerance of corruption as a social and legal phenomenon and of our willingness to cooperate until it is fully and completely eradicated.

We are based on the understanding that, in a state where the rule of law prevails, the dignity of an individual, his or her freedoms and rights are the highest value, thus any forms of discrimination of a person on any grounds are unacceptable and must not be allowed.

Being aware of our responsibility towards future generations, we believe it is our civil duty to protect the environment by rationally approaching the resources available, introducing and universally exploiting green technologies, which nowadays constitutes an exceptionally vital aspect of any professional activities.

The legal profession presupposes a high extent of responsibility towards the society. In this regard, we promote various educational and charitable projects and consider pro bono cases as an integral part of our business.