Lawyers of «Exiora» provided the Principal with protection from subsidiary liability in the amount of more than 140 million rubles

On November 30, 2022, the Exiora Law Office team won the case on bringing the persons controlling the debtor to subsidiary liability as part of the bankruptcy of Divers Motors Vostok LLC (case №A40-61507/2017).

The principal acted as the General Director of the debtor and was subject to subsidiary liability for the company’s debts, the total amount of which exceeded 142,042,099 rubles.

Lawyers of «Exiora» proved the absence of unfair actions on the part of the Principal, including evasion of the transfer of documentation, incorrect determination of the date of objective bankruptcy, sufficiency of the debtor’s property to satisfy the claims of the debtor’s creditors, as well as the lack of action to withdraw the debtor’s property and illegal actions of the bankruptcy trustee .

Well-coordinated work of the Exiora law firm team helped to protect the interests of the Principal and led to a complete refusal to satisfy the requirements for him.