With the support of the Exiora Law Office, the fifth issue of the Civilistics magazine was published in 2022

The next issue of the magazine “Civilistics” was released. The September-October 2022 issue was published with the support of a number of law firms and bar associations. Among them is the law office “Eksiora”. We would like to remind you that our law office also supported the previously issued July-August issue of the magazine.

Issue №5 is dedicated to moral damage. The subject is extensive, but the authors tried to give the most complete information – all studies are aimed at solving topical problems of domestic private law.

The soloist in the main topic is a scientific and practical commentary on the norms of the Civil Code on compensation for moral damage. This comment will come in handy for any practitioner, since the Plenum of the RF Armed Forces dated 11/15/2022 №33 gave a fairly broad interpretation of moral damage, allowing for its compensation and, in many cases, violations of property rights.

The electronic issue №5 of the magazine “Civilistics” is available to subscribers at this link. At the end of the year, they will receive all issues of the publication in paper form in binder format.