Exiora provided support in the publication of #Gloss’s commentary on the fulfillment and termination of obligations

At the end of December, a new volume of a Series of comments on civil legislation #Gloss “Performance and termination of obligations”: commentary on Articles 307-328 and 407-419 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation was published with the support of the Exiora Law Firm and a number of leading law firms.

“Performance and termination of obligations: commentary on Articles 307-328 and 407-419 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation” edited by A. G. Karapetov.

This book is intended to become an assistant for all practicing lawyers, students, judges and scientists who seek to understand the problematic issues of the application of the general provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the performance and termination of obligations (Articles 307-328 and 407-419). On the pages of the publication, concepts and terms are analyzed in detail, ambiguous issues of interpretation of articles are highlighted, the accumulated judicial practice of applying articles by higher courts is reflected, as well as solutions from a number of difficult situations are proposed.

For a whole year, the team of authors worked on the book, carefully collecting and highlighting the most pressing issues of legal regulation of performance and termination of obligations. And so, at the end of December, the book was published by the electronic publishing house “M-Logos” and the publishing house “Statute”.

We are pleased to congratulate the authors on the release of an important publication in the legal field. The electronic version of the book can be downloaded for free at this link. The hardcover version is also available – it can be ordered on the publisher’s website here.