Lawyer of Exiora Law Firm Yulia Testova will speak at a webinar of the Arbitration Practice magazine on disputes arising from a contract

On October 30, an open webinar with the participation of Exior Law Firm Yulia Testova will be held on the basis of the Arbitration Practice for Lawyers magazine. The speaker will share recommendations that will help contractors get their money despite the dishonest behavior of customers during the delivery and acceptance of completed work, as well as correctly prepare evidence for the court. In particular, the following issues will be discussed in detail:

  • What evidence will confirm the execution of contract work;
  • What mistakes do contractors make when formalizing the transfer of contract work?
  • Correspondence in instant messengers regarding the performance of contract work as a legally significant action;
  • What actions should be taken to protect the company from customer abuses expressed in non-signing of KS-2, KS-3.

You can register in advance for the free webinar using this link. The broadcast starts on Monday, October 30, at 13.00. Please note that journal events are available to registered users.