Exiora Law Office supported the publication of #Gloss’s commentary on the general provisions of the sale, purchase and sale of real estate

This year, the next volume of the #Gloss series of comments on civil law was published: “General provisions on the sale and purchase, supply of goods and sale and purchase of real estate: commentary on articles 454–491, 506–524, 549–558 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation” . Thanks to the financial support of Exiora Law Firm, as well as a number of other law firms and bar associations, this book has been published in an electronic version and is freely available.

The commentary is written to help practicing lawyers, judges, scientists and students interested in civil law to navigate the problematic issues of application contained in Chapter 30 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the general provisions on the sale and purchase, as well as the provisions on the supply contract and the sale and purchase of real estate. The book highlights the complex and controversial issues of interpretation and application of the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation enshrined in these articles, reflects, if possible, all the accumulated judicial practice in the application of these articles by higher courts, and in some cases suggests the best ways to solve the identified problems and contradictions.

You can download the volume of the Commentaries Series for free at this link. Also, a version of this book was published by the Statut publishing house and is available in hardcover.