Lawyers of Exiora Law Firm succeeded in challenging a transaction for 300 mln RUR within a debtor’s bankruptcy case

Within the framework of a case involving a creditor challenging a series of transactions made by a debtor, the team of lawyers with Exiora Law Firm led by Yuriy Sbitnev, Partner, succeeded in defending the interests of an international oil service company for the total of 300 mln RUR.

The facts of the case are as follows: the Claimant challenged a contract for lease of drilling equipment transferred into the possession and use of the client by a third party two years ago by alleging that the debtor is the actual owner of the equipment. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the lessor was the debtor’s managing company and had its own equipment which resulted in issues concerning the ownership rights of these parties to the equipment, the powers of the managing company and the parties’ acting in good faith.

Based on a resolution issued by the Moscow City Arbitration Court and left unchanged by a resolution of the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeals, the claim was dismissed.