Exiora’s lawyers collected 56 million rubles from the ex-director for losses in the bankruptcy case of Pribor-Kontrol JSC

As part of the bankruptcy of the defense enterprise Pribor-Kontrol JSC (case No. А41-52201 / 2018), Exiora’s lawyers revealed the fact that the former CEO had caused losses as a result of the loss of fixed assets and inventories of the debtor.

The amount of losses amounted to more than 56 million rubles. Thanks to the successful work of the Exiora’s lawyers team, the procedural position on the prosecution of the sole executive body of the debtor for the losses caused by his guilty actions was thoroughly worked out.

By the ruling of the court of first instance, the application for the recovery of losses from the former general director of Pribor-Kontrol JSC was satisfied in full.