The Exiora Law Firm achieved the retention of a property valued at more than 100 million rubles by the Client

A dispute with a Ukrainian bank regarding the invalidation of a chain of transactions for the sale of a building in Crimea worth more than 100 million rubles ended in favor of the Principal of the Exiora Law Firm.

Several years after purchasing the property in Crimea, the Principal received a statement of claim from the original copyright holder of the building. He challenged the transactions on the basis of which the object passed from one owner to another. The court of first instance supported the position of the Principal.

However, the appeal overturned the judicial act of the first instance and declared the chain of transactions invalid, and the basis for the emergence of the Principal’s rights to the building absent.

The task of the lawyers of the Exiora bureau was to achieve the reversal of the decision of the appellate court and to retain the property valued at more than 100 million rubles for the Principal.

The bureau’s lawyers examined the particular circumstances under which the Ukrainian bank sold the property, the facts of notarization in one of the links in the chain of transactions, conducted an audit of the notary’s actions and a number of other procedural actions.

During the consideration of the dispute in the cassation court on November 14, 2023, the lawyers of Exiora Law Firm were able to cancel the appeal ruling, as a result of which the property was retained by the Principal.