Lawyer of Exiora Law Firm Yulia Testova will tell you at the webinar how a creditor can achieve preservation of debt for a bankrupt citizen

On January 31, 2024, at the site of the publication «Arbitration Practice for Lawyers» lawyer at Exiora Law Firm Yulia Testova will hold a webinar on the topic «A citizen misled the creditor. In what cases will the court not release him from debts in bankruptcy?»

The release of a bankrupt citizen from debts depends entirely on the court. To preserve its claims, the creditor will have to find evidence of the debtor’s bad faith. Based on practice over the past three years, lawyer Yulia Testova will tell you what evidence can be used to confirm bad faith, and also explain what actions should be taken to prevent unjustified debt write-off.

During the webinar, listeners will learn about:

  • Consequences of bankruptcy of a debtor citizen;
  • Circumstances that the court will pay attention to when releasing a citizen from debts;
  • Actions that should be taken to protect the creditor from writing off debts through the bankruptcy procedure of an individual.

Registration for the event is free. You can apply to participate here.