«Exiora» Law Office supported issue №4 of the magazine «Civilistics» for 2022

Exiora Law Firm, along with other law firms and bar associations, supported the publication of the fourth issue of Civilistics magazine for July-August 2022. The key theme of the issue was the row. Also, traditionally, the issue contained materials from regular headings: “Law of Obligations”, “Corporate Law”, “Bankruptcy” and others.

The magazine “Civilistics” is dedicated to the school of private law. The publication team strives to create a theory of private law that is convenient for practical application, as well as to be involved in raising the level of discussion in Russian law, making it understandable, predictable and convenient for Russian participants in the turnover.

Electronic issue №4 of the Civilistics magazine is available to subscribers at this link. As for the paper version, at the end of the year, subscribers receive all issues of the publication in the form of a binder.